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Why are parking satisfaction surveys so relevant?

Understanding your customer satisfaction gives an immediate indication as to where work can be done to improve your service, but that only tells half of the story.

In an internet enabled world of social media, if a customer is unhappy, he or she will voice their complaint. According to research by Esteban Kolsky, 13% of unhappy customers will share their complaint with 15 or more people. Furthermore, only 1 in 25 unhappy customers complain directly to you. Complaints are healthy though, they help shape products and services as well as guide us to refine processes and operations. Giving your customer an outlet directly to you, not only gives you that critical feedback to help improve your operations or service, but can prevent the unhappy customer resorting to Facebook or Yelp. Describing their experience on these platforms, can result in the rating being misinterpreted by the audience, or worse, your venue… In fact, a study by Harvard Business Review found that customers who have a complaint handled in less than 5 minutes go on to spend more on future purchases.

How do ratings work?

The Oobeo ratings system is included with every subscription and we encourage customers to enable it on every location. In fact, on locations where its enabled we have seen an average of >30% response rate, in some cases 40%. The ratings work much like a Net Promotor Score for parking customers, you can expect to get a rating entered from 3/10 people using your service. Customers can choose a star rating from 1 to 5. As well as the rating they can add an additional comment. The feedback could anything from your valet didn’t smile, or greet the customer properly to simply not delivering the car quick enough. 

Inside your Oobeo dashboard you can view your ratings in real-time, search and find your detractors and promotors who will jump off the page at you as well as export the ratings data. When enabled each shift can deliver an average rating as well as a host of reports that are available to you. At Oobeo we are constantly delivering enhancements and updates to suit the needs of your guests and patients to help improve customer satisfaction. The improvements come at no extra cost.

Oobeo also works especially well with other tools you might have in place, such as survey monkey.  Hospitals & healthcare parks, long stay locations such as airports and corporate campuses are all suitable.

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