You’ve probably already experienced the pain of overnight reports, the daily routine of printing out over-stays and marking them off.

What can go wrong, right? Lost revenue and mistakes.

It’s human nature that people make mistakes, let’s reduce them as much as possible through technology. Specifically, integrating your hotel PMS (property management system) to your valet parking operation.

Through Oobeo’s API integrations, your valets can greet your guests and connect them immediately to the reservation within Oobeo.

Viewing a list of active reservations speeds up parking a guest’s car, but more importantly it reduces the administration burden on both the valet manager and the hotel. In turn, this automation reduces the chance of hot cars leaving without being charged.

Depending on your integration, this can either post the charges to the guests folio or allow the hotel to see the stay and mark the charges off as posted.

This gives the ability to issue in-out privileges as well as work with your default checkout time and grace period. Once your grace period is met, the rates you have defined for overstays can kick-in, forcing the customer to pay for their additional parking through their phone before they can get the vehicle. This avoids the need for the guest to go back to the hotel front desk or reception.

Hotel Valet integrations

Oobeo currently integrate with; 

  • Opera
  • Suite8
  • Protel
  • Infor
  • Guestline
  • Sihot
  • Mews
  • Clock PMS

If you don’t see your hotel’s PMS please contact us as it could be in the works, with Hilton OnQ and Stayntouch our next priorities.

All backed up by Oobeo’s full suite of reporting tools, the hospitality world is taking a leap forward in guest satisfaction.