Valet parking in action

Tips for keeping your valet operation running at its best

At Oobeo we work with some of the top performing valet parking operators in the country, staying top is no easy feat so we asked a few of them to help us with their top tips for those starting out.

Improving a valet operation requires a focus on efficiency, customer satisfaction, and safety. Here are some ideas to consider:

Streamlined Check-In/Check-Out:
Consider using a quick and easy check-in and check-out process for customers, research using mobile apps or self-service kiosks if possible.

Trained Staff:
Ensure your valet attendants are well-trained in customer service, safe driving, and handling various vehicle types. Especially modern vehicles such as EV that may have unique attributes.

Valet App: Research mobile apps that allows customers to request their vehicles in advance, pay, tip and track the location of their car in the request process.

Install Clear Signage:
Use clear signage and designated drop-off/pick-up zones to guide customers and minimilize guest confusion.

Security Measures:
Install surveillance cameras, employ security personnel, and use secure key management systems to safeguard vehicles.

Customer Feedback:
Collect and act on customer feedback to continuously improve your service. Feedback is an important feature of the Oobeo valet app. Providing insight into customer satisfaction, but importantly highlighting areas for improvement.

Loyalty Program:
Reward frequent customers with discounts or perks to encourage repeat business. Oobeo has just recently launched an automated loyalty program for valets as part of the software suite.

Reservation System:
Allow customers to reserve valet parking in advance to guarantee availability during peak times.

Ensure your valet service is accessible to individuals with disabilities, with accessible parking spaces and assistance as needed.

Pricing Transparency:
Clearly display valet parking rates and any additional fees to avoid surprises for customers.

Training in Customer Handling:
Train valet attendants to provide excellent customer service, including opening doors and assisting with luggage.

Technology Integration:
Utilize technology for efficient vehicle tracking, reservation management, and payment processing, such as Square.

Valet Podiums: Set up well-organized valet stations with amenities like water, umbrellas, and seating for waiting customers.

Valet Insurance:
Ensure you have adequate insurance coverage to protect against potential liabilities.

Marketing and Promotion:
Promote your valet services through various channels to attract new customers and create brand awareness.

Valet parking in action

Remember that the specific improvements you should make may vary depending on your location, target audience, and the size of your valet operation. Regularly assessing customer feedback and market trends can help you adapt and enhance your services over time!

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