automate permit management & billing

Take the pain out of permit management

Oobeo is the modern way to manage monthly permits, contract parking and tenant billing. Digital permits are quick and easy to setup and best of all they require very little ongoing administration, as automation takes over.

Reduce your administrative burden

Self management

Entering permits, plates and vehicles is time consuming. Oobeo’s digital parking permits are designed to reduce the time your team have to spend by letting permit tenants or permit holders manage their own vehicle information and their permit account.

Next day revenue payouts

Easily collect parking fees directly from the tenant or pass the responsibility on to the pass holder through mobile payments, the control is yours!

Achieve a real-time view of pass-holder and guest vehicles on your property. Easily track and manage usage and trends with powerful tools.


An easy-to-use, dedicated enforcement view allows your parking enforcement contractors the power to monitor locations quickly and effectively.

Reduce your AR

Oobeo digital parking permits are designed and built to reduce your AR, collect more parking fees on time and with the least amount of hassle. Oobeo works to get monthly parkers to pay in full and on-time with specific messaging and functionality that will invalidate their parking without payment.

Billing options

Bill daily, monthly or weekly with automated payment reminders. You can even customize the messaging to suit your specific location.

Reflect lease terms

Reflect comped permits and validations from the tenant lease terms easily.

Pro-rated billing

Oobeo digital parking permits work the way that you want them to, whether that's billing proration or full billing.

Group management

Set permit rates and bill to either billing groups or to individual permit holders.

Self management of permits

Put the hard work of updating license plates and vehicle details on to your permit holders so you can focus on growing your business.

Sell permits automatically

Turn your self parking signs into a monthly permit sales person. Set the system so that parkers can sign up and pay for a monthly permit without every speaking to a sales person.

Sales automation

Sell permits 24/7 from your lot signs

Allow users to sign up for permits and pay directly from the parking lot without having to speak to anyone.

As an optional feature, this saves you time and has your revenue being generated without you having to lift a finger.

Digital permit questions answered

Digital permits are perfect for monthly parking, weekly parking or even daily parking.

Can I maintain a single white list?

Yes! Your enforcement contractor will love having all of your authorized vehicles in a single list, in real time.  

Can I still use permit passes?

Yes! Digital permits can still be used in conjunction with physical passes, however in most cases license plate access control is less effort and more reliable.

Can I set a different convenience fees for permits?

Yes you can handle dynamic permit convenience fees, you can use either a fixed convenience fee,  a percentage or you can select it to apply whichever is larger.

Can I use LPR for access control of my permit holders?

Yes indeed! Our LPR integrations work with surface lots and garages. 

Does the system send permit holders a reminder to pay?

Yes! The system automatically chases outstanding permit invoices.

Can I send customized communications to my permit holders?

Yes! You can create your own custom messages or edit the standard messaging sent to permit holders and tenants.

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