Delight your guests with digital valet

Give your guests the best digital valet experience that streamlines parking operations through web, mobile and SMS technology while improving your operations, increasing revenue and reducing theft or false insurance claims.

Our valet software is used in all types of valet parking locations across the USA including hotels, healthcare, hospitality, hotels and airports.

The best digital valet solution

Our cloud-based valet software streamlines parking operations through web, mobile and SMS technology. Its the number one easy-to-use, next generation platform for improving efficiency and enhancing customer experience at the valet stand using your own mobile devices.

How digital valet works

Streamlined and effective, our digital valet solutions are fast and effective, having been used at hundreds of locations across the US. It all begins with the Oobeo Valet App.

01 .
Receive the guest

Receive the guest and capture critical information including license plate scan, vehicle information and pre-existing damage photos.

02 .
Request, tip & pay

Guest receives a digital ticket via SMS that allows them to request their vehicle, pay and tip from their own phones.

03 .
Deliver the vehicle

Permit holders pay each invoice via online or set auto bill.

04 .
Receive guest feedback

Your guest can rate their experience and leave feedback which you can later analyze and report to your client or asset owner.

Oobeo valet users average a 4.8 rating from guests and thats from over 12 million valet visits and 15,000 reviews

Valet App ScreenShot

Collect guest valet feedback & ratings

Guests can rate their experience and give feedback comments directly from their phones, helping you to improve your performance and share successes with your client or venue.

  • Reward top performing employees}

  • Identify areas for improvement Provide your clients with guest satisfaction data

  • Make informed staffing decisions

Oobeo is a PCI Compliant SAQ-D Service Provider

Easy to use and train

Your valet team will need very little training. Our interfaces follow a workflow pattern that follows the processes you already have in place. Our team are on hand for training and support to help you get the most out of your digital valet operations.

Real-time dashboards

Access all of your reporting directly from your dashboard, including;

  • All visits data

  • Payments & revenue

  • Reviews

  • Damage photos

  • Shift reports & much more

Just some of our features

Ticketed & ticketless options

Use your existing paper tickets, our remote request tickets or try ticketless valet, the choice is yours. Oobeo can also provide reusable, scannable plastic fobs.

Use any device

The Oobeo valet app can be used on iOS and Android, smartphone or tablet whether it’s a company owned device or even your valet’s personal phones.

PCI Compliant

We are a PCI compliant SAQ-D Service Provider so you can rest assured that your payments are taken securely.

Real-time reporting

Remotely audit cash and card revenue across all of your locations, for each attendant.

Remote requests

Guests can request their vehicles, pay & tip from their mobile ahead of reaching the valet stand, streamlining the whole experience.

Unlimited locations

Setting up a location takes seconds and there are no setup fees or additional charges for adding new locations. This means you can have ticketless valet at any location!

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asked questions

Yes! Your enforcement contractor will love having all of your authorized vehicles in a single list, in real time.  

Yes! Digital permits can still be used in conjunction with physical passes, however in most cases license plate access control is less effort and more reliable.

Yes you can handle dynamic permit convenience fees, you can use either a fixed convenience fee,  a percentage or you can select it to apply whichever is larger.

Yes indeed! Our LPR integrations work with surface lots and garages. 

No! Oobeo does not require you to lease phones or expensive hardware. We offer you the software, and allow you to procure any devices and hardware with your preferred vendors.

Yes! The system automatically chases outstanding permit invoices.

Yes! You can create your own custom messages or edit the standard messaging sent to permit holders and tenants.