Indoor Wayfinding, on your mobile

Provide indoor wayfinding immediately on parkers mobile phones the moment they pay for parking or scan a QR code, allowing them to select from destinations and receive instant, easy-to-follow directions.

Wayfnding is fully integrated to both our valet and self parking solutions, providing a fast and seamless experience that your clients and their guests will love.

healthcare wayfinding

Easily navigate any complex facility, with no app to download

We help drive efficiency and minimize the contact between facility staff and visitors while providing visitors and guests with a streamlined experience to get to their appointment or destination on time.

scan sign for directions

Realtime updates to routes and maps

Our clever route algorithm can be edited in real-time to remove certain walkways or avoid areas of construction.

If a department or tenant is being relocated temporarily, due to construction or refurbishment, then the new location and its routes can be added in real-time within minutes, automatically updating any other impacted routes, with all route estimations also recalculated in real time.

Deploy our easy-to-use QR code based wayfinding solution with only a fraction of the cost of traditional systems and instantly enhance the guest or patient experience. You can be up and running within hours, directing guest and visitors to their destinations with little fuss while optimizing foot traffic.

Take mobility to the next level for a fraction of the cost.


All visits are tracked anonymously and can be viewed in your client dashboard, including most popular start points, destinations and routes. Realtime users can be seen at any time.


Your guests or patients have the ability to give feedback score on their route as well as an opportunity to leave a comment, potentially helping with HCAHPS scores or tenant satisfaction..

Digital wayfinding
01 .
Contactless payments

Support contactless payments from NFC enabled contactless credit cards.

02 .
Apple Pay & Google Pay

Pay by mobile, watch or other NFC enabled Google Pay or Apple Pay device.

03 .
EMV Chip, Dip & Swipe

Take credit & debit cards with either mag stripe swipe or EMV chip.

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Record cash collected by each attendant with timestamps. Reduce lost revenue!

Just some of our features

No hardware

Our indoor wayfinding solution requires no hardware or access to wifi which results in no upfront costs or requirement for sign off from IT.

Works on any smartphone

Rather than exclude elderly or less technically savvy patients or helpers, our technology requires no special apps to download or expensive phones.

No downloads

Our wayfinding works with any smartphone and has very minimal data requirements, which means it works effectively even in areas of low connectivity and has no need for WiFi or for the guest/patient to connect to the hospitals network.

Real-time reporting

View most used start points, end points, routes and feedback in real time to maximize your way finding efficiency.

All languages

Assist guests no matter which language, with translations for almost every language possible to give everyone the best experience.

HIPAA complaint

All usage and feedback is anonymous, so you can implement and utilize without jeopardizing user data.

Turn any smartphone into a point of sale device.

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asked questions about indoor wayfinding

Yes, Oobeo’s parking mPOS works with your attendants existing mobile or tablet if it is running iOS or Android.

Square offer hardware to meet all budgets, some devices are even FREE!

Yes, the solution captures no personal information and is HIPAA compliant.

Our API is available to integrate wayfinding to your existing platforms, to automatically provide directions and routes to appointments within emails or text messages, the possibilities are endless!

We can directly promote additional products or encourage downloads for your other platforms and apps from within the wayfinding software. This can help improve your app adoption.

We can have your location mapped and ready to implement within days.

Yes! We are part of the Toledo ticket company and are able to print and distribute wayfinding signage to the perfect specification and design for your locations.

Yes! Although our wayfinding is most suited to complex locations and multi structure campuses with high foot traffic such as colleges, universities, event venues and malls it can easily be used at outdoor event venues, outdoor malls or mixed use retail/residential developments.