Parking attendant payments made easy

Take in-person payments quick as a flash using the Oobeo attendant point of sale solution (mPOS). Multiple rates, advanced reservations or validations can be processed in seconds using any smartphone without the need for expensive hardware..

Mobile payments - mPOS

Turn any smartphone into a point of sale device

Mobile carriers are offering unbelievable deals on smartphones, take advantage and arm your attendants with the latest devices from Apple or Android at almost zero cost to you..

parking payment audit

Get realtime insight in your payments

  • View vehicle details and counts


  • Track counts by rate or validation


  • Audit cash totals by attendant

  • Number of reservations claimed

  • Number of vehicles on lot

  • Track hours worked using Oobeo time cards

Support all modern payment methods. The contactless revolution is here, allow your guests to pay quickly using their preference.

Easy to use

One of our goals with all of our solutions is to make our products the easiest to use in the market, with little to no training. Our parking attendant app is no different, with a simple to use interface that is designed to make the attendants job easier, while providing you with the insight and oversight you need to run better parking operations.

Real-time reporting dashboard

Track and audit your attendant parking revenue and performance in real-time from wherever you are.

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Contactless payments

Support contactless payments from NFC enabled contactless credit cards.

02 .
Apple Pay & Google Pay

Pay by mobile, watch or other NFC enabled Google Pay or Apple Pay device.

03 .
EMV Chip, Dip & Swipe

Take credit & debit cards with either mag stripe swipe or EMV chip.

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Record cash collected by each attendant with timestamps. Reduce lost revenue!

Just some of our features

Choice of card readers

Take NFC Cards, Apple Pay and Google Wallet payments from any phone via, lightning, Bluetooth, USB or headphone jack.

Use any phone

The Oobeo mPOS is compatible with any smartphone running Android or iOS and can be installed from the stores to your own phones in seconds.

PCI compliant

We have gone to the extent of becoming a PCI compliant SAQ-D Service Provider so you can rest assured that your payments are taken securely.

Real-time reporting

Remotely audit cash and card revenue across all of your locations, for each attendant.

Track cash

Track cash, reservation redemptions, card and contactless payments that are all time stamped with attendant info.

Scan reservations

Integrations to your preferred reservation system such as SpotHero allows scanning of valid reservations in seconds, making event parking a breeze.

Turn any smartphone into a point of sale device.

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asked questions

Yes, Oobeo’s parking mPOS works with your attendants existing mobile or tablet if it is running iOS or Android.

Square offer hardware to meet all budgets, some devices are even FREE!

Yes, we are fully integrated to SpotHero and you can scan sport hero reservations via your mobile to validate and “claim” the reservation of pre-paid parking.

Oobeo’standard pricing is  $0.10 + 1% of the parking revenue 

Knowing cash splits between attendants, and the times of the payments helps reduce reporting errors and opportunities for theft or ticket skimming.

Bluetooth, headphone jack, lightning connector (apple) and USB (android).