Shuttle & bus requests made easy

Use our straight forward shuttle request web application to notify your drivers when a shuttle is needed. Push notifications, with audible beeps to alert your drivers to additional pickup requests.

shuttle request software

Improve your driver efficiency

Save fuel and only send drivers to the location where the pickup needs it. Perfect for healthcare locations & hospitals.

shuttle request software

Instant notifications of your shuttle requests

Push notifications can also be used for your valets and other attendants.

01 .
Guest scans a sign QR code

QR code opens a web application on the users mobile phone. No app to download.

02 .
Select their pickup location

If you have multiple pickup spots then the user can select their pickup point or default to the spot the user scanned the code.

03 .
Driver receives a push notification

On their Oobeo app, your driver receives push notification advising them of the pickup request and time.

04 .
Track & report

Track requests and times of requests by location.

Turn any smartphone into a point of sale device.

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asked questions

Yes, Oobeo’s parking mPOS works with your attendants existing mobile or tablet if it is running iOS or Android.

Square offer hardware to meet all budgets, some devices are even FREE!

Yes, we are fully integrated to SpotHero and you can scan sport hero reservations via your mobile to validate and “claim” the reservation of pre-paid parking.

Oobeo’standard pricing is  $0.10 + 1% of the parking revenue 

Knowing cash splits between attendants, and the times of the payments helps reduce reporting errors and opportunities for theft or ticket skimming.

Bluetooth, headphone jack, lightning connector (apple) and USB (android).