The fastest mobile parking payment solution

Stop leaving money on the table and improve your net operating income. Although Oobeo works incredibly well with gates, thanks to PARCS integrations it really stands out in gateless parking locations.

Nothing to download & works with any phone but above all, it is the least expensive solution in the market. This means more money in your pocket and better NOI for your assets..

pay for parking sign

No downloads or accounts needed and payouts directly to your account.

With a lot of choice in the market, ask yourself if your provider is offering the following…

01 .
No account needed

We don't force parkers to make an account, because we ARENT going to market your competitors spaces to them.

02 .
Apple Pay & Google Pay

Pay by mobile, watch or other NFC enabled Google Pay or Apple Pay device.

03 .
No downloads

Parkers wants speed and convenience, pay quickly and move on means less disputes or citations and happier customers.

04 .
Keep all your convenience fees

Unlike the competition, we let you set the convenience fees and you keep 100% of them. This can mean thousands of dollars in extra revenue per month.

Flexible rate options

With Oobeo you can schedule and build any number of rate options to suit the time of day, day of the week or Parker vehicle.

Options include, daily rates, flat rates, hourly rates, minute rates and everything in-between!

Give it a test drive

See for yourself how easy Oobeo self parking is, simply scan the code and go from there!

Don’t worry, your card won’t be charged and is purely for demonstration purposes.

All the features for a fraction of the price.


All visits are tracked anonymously and can be viewed in your client dashboard, including most popular start points, destinations and routes. Realtime users can be seen at any time.


Your guests or patients have the ability to give feedback score on their route as well as an opportunity to leave a comment, potentially helping with HCAHPS scores or tenant satisfaction..

Just some of our features

Free signage

Yes, really FREE! We will provide qualifying locations with signage at no cost to you!

QR scan, TEXT or tap to pay

Our signage can support text-to-pay, QR code scanning or simply tapping the phone onto the sign to launch the payment link.

No app to download

No app to download or hardware required, users can pay from the comfort of their cars in seconds.

Edit your locations and rates

No waiting on us to change your rates, you can adjust rates and location details yourself in real-time.

Lower fees

Stop sharing so much of your revenue, we take less so you have much more…let us show you how you can cover your fees and let Oobeo pay for itself.

PCI compliant

We have gone to the extent of becoming a PCI compliant SAQ-D Service Provider so you can rest assured that your payments are taken securely.

Turn any smartphone into a point of sale device.

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asked questions about mobile parking payments

We have a world class validation system, validations can be entered by the Parker or on their behalf by the tenant on a dedicated interface. We support percentage based, value based and hidden rate validations.

Reporting is a breeze and done through your Oobeo reporting dashboard. All parkers can give feedback on their sessions, increasing your visibility on lot performance. 

Yes, including the ability to prevent returning parkers within a certain time period or no return rules or only limit parking to certain times of day.

No, none…ZIP! We’ll even provide the signage qualifying locations with signage for FREE. You can be up and running within 24 hours.

We have a no-subscription mobile ALPR enforcement solution, enforceplus to write citations or warnings.