Valet parking software, redefined

Cloud-based valet software that streamlines parking operations through web, mobile and SMS technology. An easy-to-use, next generation platform for improving efficiency and enhancing customer experience at the valet stand using your own mobile devices.

Valet software on your own phone

No need to share devices. Keep your staff safe and either use your managed devices or utilize employee devices. It’s totally up to you. Oobeo is a streamlined, subscription based, valet parking software to automate your business and help make the switch to contactless payments.

How a valet app works

01 .
Receive the guest

Receive the guest and capture critical information including license plate scan, vehicle information and pre-existing damage photos.

02 .
Request, tip & pay

Guest receives a digital ticket via SMS that allows them to request their vehicle, pay and tip from their own phones.

03 .
Deliver the vehicle

Permit holders pay each invoice via online or set auto bill.

04 .
Receive guest feedback

Your guest can rate their experience and leave feedback which you can later analyze and report to your client or asset owner.

With our valet partner's we average a 4.8 rating from guest valet visits.

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