Valet parking software

Oobeo excels in simplicity, our intuitive interfaces won't take up your time with training. You could easily think it can lack power or features...but thanks to it's simple interfaces we give more power to you.

Easy-to-use, little to no training required

Unlike most parking platforms we give your team the ability to setup and manage every setting and function yourselves.

Creating locations is a breeze and only takes a couple of minutes. This allows you to try things out and then change them to suit the specific requirements of your parking location.

Advanced rate rules

Create program level, complex rate rules with simple to use tools. Choose the days and times the rates apply.

Collect customer ratings and reviews

Collect real-time customer feedback that can be shared directly with your location owner.

All features, no nickel-and-diming

All features are available to you within your subscription, no matter what size your operation.

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