Cloud based valet software

Valet parking software, redefined

Cloud-based valet software that streamlines parking operations through web, mobile and SMS technology. An easy-to-use, next generation platform for improving efficiency and enhancing customer experience at the valet stand using your own mobile devices.

Clock in

Track employee clock-ins, actions and clock-outs Create time cards related to locations, including tip declarations and lot fees.

Manage vehicles

All valuable data visible at one glance. Turn on and off fields that are not relevant. All process lanes feature the search, sort, filter and all relevant vehicle information including parking spot

Greet hotel guests directly from the hotel PMS or pre-booked reservations

Integrated to 10+ PMS systems Our PMS integrations allow a varying mix of sophistication depending on your requirements including charging directly to guest folios and validations.

Greet customers

Instantly recognize repeat customers License plates, mobile phone numbers or member ID to identify clients quickly and record time-stamped damage photos to the cloud.

Enhanced reporting & API

Enjoy our standard reports or connect to our secure reporting API. Now you can connect your valet data with your other platforms and systems.

Easily customizable

Edit labels within the interface to suit your existing processes and SOPs

No need to share devices

Keep your staff safe and either use your managed devices or utilize employee devices. It’s totally up to you. Oobeo is a streamlined, subscription based, valet parking software to automate your business and help make the switch to contactless payments.

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