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Easy to download and use, the Oobeo Valet app is the gold standard application. First developed in 2016, the app is on its 5th generation, with frequent feature updates.

Available in both Google Play Store & Apple Store, Oobeo Valet works equally well across mobile and tablet delpoyments on either your managed devices (MDM / Mobile device management) or your valet’s own phones. Because Oobeo is available on all devices, you can continue to use your own devices and Oobeo will not force you to lease or buy devices from us. This means limited capital expenditure in starting up a valet location using valet software.

What is a valet app?

A valet app is a mobile application designed to streamline and enhance the valet parking experience. Convenient for both valet service providers and customers, with a valet app, customers can request valet their vehicle, pay and tip from their smartphones. Users can simply drop off their vehicles at a designated area, request retrieval when they’re ready to leave, and pay for the service through the app. For valet operators, the app helps manage parking logistics efficiently, keep track of customer requests, and improve overall service quality. It’s a technology-driven solution that simplifies the parking process, making it more convenient and efficient for everyone involved.

How a valet app works

01 .
Receive the guest

Receive the guest and capture critical information including license plate scan, vehicle information and pre-existing damage photos.

02 .
Request, tip & pay

Guest receives a digital ticket via SMS that allows them to request their vehicle, pay and tip from their own phones.

03 .
Deliver the vehicle

Permit holders pay each invoice via online or set auto bill.

04 .
Receive guest feedback

Your guest can rate their experience and leave feedback which you can later analyze and report to your client or asset owner.

With our valet partner's we average a 4.8 rating from guest valet visits.

easy to use valet app

Easy to use valet app

Our app has been designed with valet’s in mind. Easy to understand stages and swim-lane workflows which require little ongoing training and support.

We feel we are the easiest to use valet app in the market, request a demo and see for yourself!.

Oobeo is a PCI Compliant SAQ-D Service Provider

Your Valet App Questions Answered

Can I use my own phones?

Yes, you can use your own mobiles or tablets. We won’t force you to use a specific device or charge you a fortune to lease devices from us.

Can I set different permissions?

Yes, you can set different permission levels for your employees, hiding or showing certain features and functionality.

Can I use the app on tablets?

Yes, Oobeo valet is available on a tablet or mobile.

Can I use the app to communicate with guests?

Yes! A great feature of valet apps is the ability to send text messages to guests, for example if your podium is closing soon or you wish to share venue/location information.

Can I use Oobeo valet with valet tickets?

Yes, you can either use your existing valet tickets, our paper or plastic tickets or go completely ticketless….its totally up to you!

Do you offer integrations to my hotel PMS?

Yes we do, we have a selection of one-way and two-way hotel PMS integrations. However, many of our customers prefer to bill parking through Oobeo rather than the folio to maximize tips and convenience fees.

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Which locations are suitable?

The suitability of locations for a valet app largely depends on the specific needs and preferences of users and businesses in those areas. However, several types of locations tend to be more conducive to the success of valet apps:


Urban Centers:
Valet apps are especially handy in busy urban areas where parking can be a real challenge. Cities like New York, Los Angeles, or Chicago, with their limited parking spaces and high traffic, are ideal locations for valet services. 

Shopping Malls:
Malls and large shopping centers often have vast parking lots that can be overwhelming to navigate. Valet apps simplify the shopping experience by offering quick drop-off and pick-up services, enhancing convenience for shoppers.

Airport parking can be a hassle, with travelers searching for available spots before their flights. Valet apps at airports streamline the process, allowing travelers to drop off their vehicles conveniently, saving time and reducing the risk of missing a flight.

Restaurants and Nightlife Areas:
Valet apps are popular in areas with a vibrant restaurant and nightlife scene. Diners and partygoers can arrive at their favorite establishments without worrying about parking, and they can easily request, pay and retrieve their cars when they’re ready to head home.

Event Venues:
Concert halls, sports arenas, and event centers often attract large crowds, leading to parking congestion. Valet apps provide a solution by offering valet services during events, ensuring a smooth and efficient parking experience for attendees.

Hotels and Resorts:
Valet services are a staple at upscale hotels and resorts. Valet apps enhance the guest experience by allowing visitors to request their cars as needed and avoid long waits at the hotel entrance. Charges can be paid on the ramp using the guests phone or billed to the guest folio.

Hospitals and Medical Centers:
In healthcare facilities, where time is often of the essence, valet apps help patients and their families access medical services quickly and conveniently. It reduces the stress associated with parking when dealing with health-related issues.

Office Buildings: 
Valet apps can be a valuable amenity for employees and visitors at office buildings in corporate campuses. It simplifies the daily commute and ensures efficient use of limited parking space. This can mean less time searching for a spot or waiting for a car and more time for productive work, employees can be recognized by digital parking permit or license plate.

Valet apps are perfect for residential buildings and condos where the resident can be recongized by license plate and request their vehicles remotely. 

In essence, valet apps thrive in locations where parking is in high demand, and convenience is paramount. Their adaptability allows them to cater to a variety of settings, making them a valuable tool for both users and businesses seeking to enhance the parking experience.