We are often asked by parking operators about which devices we recommend to use to run their valet apps. Oobeo can run on both iOS and Android mobile phones and tablets.

Although the Oobeo valet app is almost identical across either platform, both have their strengths and weaknesses and here we look at a few of the benefits of each;

iOS (Apple)

The phone that started it all, the iPhone has come a long way since Steve Jobs first unveiled the iconic handset.

Faster, bigger screens, with much improved camera and battery life are the stand out improvements alongside hosts of further strides in the software.

You would assume its the most used device, but actually Apple have been coming from behind Google in US market share since 2012 to their now highest market share level, 47%!

At Oobeo we like the iPhone 6 and newer for use by valets, rock solid operating system and good cameras are easy to use and familiar, however they can be quite expensive, especially to repair. Refurbished devices from Apple can be the way to go!

Android (Google)

The most popular operating system in the United States on smartphones with over 50% market share.

Inexpensive with plenty of options, the operating system gives operators a lot of choice.

We suggest looking for devices that have good battery life, camera and resolution. These can be a little out of date on lower-end, less expensive devices so check the specifications before you order. Easy to manage and fast, inexpensive repairs make Android a great choice. We like devices from Samsung and LG especially, both feeling durable and not afraid of a little knock here and there.

Feel free to contact us so we can help recommend the right technology for your needs.