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Enforcement options & integrations

Enforce with Oobeo's in built white lists, via our enforcement partners or use your existing products via an API integration.

Best in class parking enforcement software

We are constantly reviewing enforcement solutions to find the best products to partner with, inquire for a full list of integration partners. (Not all solutions are available in every state).

LPR Enforcement

LPR enforcement allows for automated enforcement without confrontation and is increasingly popular. Integrations with Park Pliant, Vigilant, PAVE and Enforce Plus.

Automated citations

Automatically send citations for parking violations via partnerships with providers who have access to DMV records.

A single white list

We provide a single white list, whether valet, self park or permits.

Boots on the ground

Partnerships with mobile citation platforms such as Ballparc and Meter feeder.

Track repeat offenders

Tracking repeat offenders allows you to reduce parking violations and cite accordingly.

Enforcement API

Want to stick with your existing enforcement route? Not a problem thanks to our REST APII, getting integrated is a breeze.

Enforce your parking with Oobeo

Oobeo’s included white list is a mobile responsive website, your staff or officer can view white listed vehicles (license plates) and their expiry times for Self Park, Validations or Permits right on their mobile phone. Try out Enforce Plus, the Free parking enforcement app

Let's talk about integrations

Our partners know how to deliver enforcement solutions that suit every location.

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