Thanks to technological advances there are lot of choices when it comes to valet tickets.

Here we will run over some of the options;

Paper valet tickets (traditional)

Existing operations will likely have used paper tickets in the past. Usually 2 or 3 part tickets, they have a perforated divide that allows the valet to hand half to the guest and attached the second part to the keys.

Some examples of these have the ability to add damage recording as well as hand written details about the car such as color and and make and type.

Some ticket numbers come with a pre-printed bar code, this allows your Oobeo app to scan the ticket, meaning no manual entry of the ticket number and less mistakes.

It is possible to use a single 1 part ticket in conjunction with SMS tickets, by simply using the paper element to attach to the car keys. This is important as you never want to lose track of the customer’s keys!

Text to request paper tickets

Oobeo can provide 2-part and 3-part tickets that come pre-printed with a unique code. This unique code allows the customer to request their vehicle without ever giving out their mobile phone number to the customer. Great for locations that need the fastest vehicle receiving process possible!

Paper tickets can display your own logo, liability statement or even carry marketing or advertising messages.

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Plastic fobs

Hard wearing plastic fobs are a great way of reducing your carbon footprint, running your location without paper.

They are reusable, and are used to attach to the car keys in conjunction with the SMS valet ticket. Smaller and more durable than paper, they are becoming increasingly less expensive.

Plastic fobs are available with bar codes, allowing the ticket number to be scanned by your Oobeo app.

Plastic fobs offer an easy way to detach from car keys, but can be less likely to accidentally come away from the key ring.

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SMS Tickets

SMS tickets are the foundation of the Oobeo valet software. Using an SMS ticket the customer will receive their ticket number via text message that includes a personal link that gives not only access to the liability statement but allows the customer to request their vehicle, pay & tip (if relevant) as well as give feedback on their experience.