integration partners

Hotel PMS integrations

Oobeo already integrates with more than 10 hotel PMS systems including Opera & StayNTouch.

One-way and two-way integrations

Our PMS integrations allow a varying mix of sophistication depending on your requirements including charging directly to guest folios and validations.

Reservation data feed

A filtered feed of incoming reservations allow your valet or parking attendants to see expected arrivals in real-time, speeding up the process and eliminating billing questions.

Front desk access

Provide the front desk with their own limited access to Oobeo to create reservations, view reporting and make billing adjustments.

Folio billing

Bill the correct amounts back to the guests folio while maintaining in & out privileges.

Overnight reports

Traditional overnight reports including identification of "hot cars".

Maximize your revenue

Operators can leave money on the table with hotel integrations. Speak to our team about how to make sure you maximize your hotel revenue.

10 Hotel PMS valet integrations

Inquire for the full list of integrations and their capabilities.