The integrated pay-as-you-go parking management software

Increase your parking revenue through our inexpensive mobile pay-by-space, parking permits, valet app and attendant parking software

Improve any parking location

Whether its Valet, surface lot or garage, our flexible products can help improve any location, even those that were cost prohibitive in the past. Real-time pricing updates, validations, reporting and more can be made without the need to speak to anyone.

Parking mobile pay
Parking mobile pay

Take contactless card payments at any parking location via your parkers own mobile phones. Parkers are automatically added to your white list in real-time.

Digital parking permits
Digital parking permits

Take the pain out of billing and managing permits through billing automation, tenant management and permit holder management.

Digital valet
Digital valet

Give your guests the best digital valet experience that streamlines parking operations through web, mobile and SMS technology.

All in a single platform

Work smarter with powerful features

Parking behaviors have changed forever, fortunately our technology handles everything, without costly hardware to buy or maintain and revenue that’s delivered directly into your bank account.

Oobeo works with almost any processor and we are an official Square software partner.

Free to start Parking management software

Oobeo’s do-it-yourself solution works separately for valet, text-to-park, monthly passes or even combined locations.

Lower cost than the alternatives, Oobeo doesn’t require any up-front hardware or capital investment and enforcement is a breeze.


The bottom line

  • More flexible

  • Less expensive

  • Easier to use

  • You keep more revenue

Pricing from

$0. 0


  per transaction

  • Compare us to your existing provider
  • You keep 100% of convenience fees

Millions of transactions

PCI SAQ-D Service Provider

World class validations

The simplest and most flexible validation system available.

Signage included

Get started immediately and you may qualify for us to provide the signs at no cost to you.

Real-time updates

Create and schedule parking rates in real-time via your own dashboard.

Simple enforcement

Use the included enforcement tools or connect to your preferred enforcement provider.

Use your merchant or Square

Use either your existing credit card processor for merchant services or use Square.

Easy to use for everyone

Parkers, valets and attendants will love how easy it is to use.

Over 1 million users in parking management, properties and operators across the USA

healthcare, malls and campuses

Introducing integrated wayfinding

Standalone or integrated with your parking

Wayfinding is fully integrated to provide instant directions to either self parkers or valet guests or can be used via stand alone QR codes to provide easy to follow, on foot directions.


  • No downloads or hardware required

  • Full analytics and reporting

  • All languages are supported

  • Real-time updates

  • HIPPA Compliant

  • Works on any smartphone

What our customers say

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Got Questions? Look Here

Choosing parking software isn't an easy job, here are some of the most frequently asked questions.

How are you so much LESS expensive than the competition?

Because of our low overheads, and true small business mentality, we maintain the highest quality services at the lowest rates. We maintain our prices so that you, as the operator, can make use of class leading technology, at an affordable rate.

Do I have to lease phones or equipment from you?

No! Oobeo does not require you to lease phones or expensive hardware. We offer you the software, and allow you to procure any devices and hardware with your preferred vendors.

Do you offer integrations

Yes, Oobeo maintains an Open API. Our current integrations include, Hotel PMS for reservations, Enforcement for both printed and mailed violations, and Reports for exporting to data visualization software. We offer a number of different API documents that can be used for further integration, and are always open to discussing potential new integration partners.

Can I just use one element of the platform?

Flexibility is the name of the game with Oobeo! Once enrolled to use the Oobeo platform, you can use any number of the solutions we have to offer, at any time. Though we do suggest enlisting our help when launching a new solution, you have full control and access to utilize the solutions at any number of locations.

Can I edit my own rate schedule?

Yes, your parking rates can be set yourself in real-time or contact our US support team who can make the edits for you!

Can i keep all of the conveinence fees?

Yes! Oobeo provides you the opportunity to collect a convenience fee, or surcharge, to offset the costs of credit card processing, technology usage, and any other expenses. As the operator, that fee is 100% yours, we do not take any portion of that fee.

What do you do for enforcement?

We offer several different solutions to our clients for enforcement. A.) For those conducting enforcement with manual, hand written, notices we provide a complete list of valid parkers, as well as filters to view expired parking visits. B.) For those looking to enforce using a handheld printer, we can refer you to one of our preferred enforcement partners. C.) For those looking to conduct enforcement by mail, we can also refer you to one of our preferred enforcement partners. In all cases, we also have an Enforcement API, that can be used for integration to any number of enforcement solutions.

Do I need to keep my pay machines?

While Oobeo suggests removing of the paystations, it is not necessary. If you wish to continue to incur the costs of maintaining paystations, you can certainly do so.

Do I need to keep my pay machines?

While Oobeo suggests removing of the paystations, it is not necessary. If you wish to continue to incur the costs of maintaining paystations, you can certainly do so.

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