What are the benefits of valet software?


Valet software can significantly transform performance, and while traditionally we think of guest experience being the driving force, there is actually a lot more to consider, including;

  • Operational improvements
  • Increased revenue
  • Administrative automation
  • Trend analysis
  • Real-time customer feedback
  • Reduced costs
  • New marketing opportunities
  • Reduction in cash transactions

So that’s a lot of benefits you might not have considered, let’s look at a few examples.

Increased revenue

Virtually removing the opportunities for ticket skimming has an instant impact on revenue. The scrutiny of your operation can reduce theft and directly increase your revenue.

Trend analysis

Find the data thats most valuable to you, to give you actionable insight on your operation. Oobeo provides data on retrieval times, employee performance, average ratings, busiest time of day or even days of the week. Easily compare week to week, or year to year, you will now know how many staff you need at your location to optimize your profit.

Real-time customer feedback

Giving customers real-time ability to provide feedback, keeping them away from damaging your venue’s online feedback. Learn more about customer feedback and surveys.

New marketing opportunities

The ability to communicate directly onto your guests and customers phones, before, during and after their visit creates numerous opportunities to market your services and your customers. Oobeo runs behind the scenes, we strive to keep our brand to a minimum, unlike some of our competitors, we drive customers to interact with your brand, website and social media channels.

Reduction in cash transactions

Less cash is less hassle not to mention less risk to vulnerable locations who might otherwise be worried about carrying cash to deposit after the shift ends. We’ve all been there, needing to find an ATM to pay for the valet.

Increasingly, restaurants and bars are moving to cashless policies for their customers which means your customers are becoming less and less likely to have cash on them.

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