Surface lots and attendants

Track vehicles, take payments, validations and monthly parkers while keeping an eye on your employees and your revenue using Oobeo's easy-to-use software.

Low cost tracking and mobile payments (POS)

Everything in a single package, giving you unprecedented access to the data of how your lot performs.

Frequent tasks like issuing validations takes seconds and requires no special training while card-present payments can be taken securely from small, discreet mobile card readers.

Validations & monthly parkers

Create validation codes that fit your customer's or tenants needs. 

Data tracking

Collect real-time data on your busiest periods and lot capacity.

Digital enforcement

Provide your enforcement team with the tools they need to know who should be in the lot and who hasn't paid!

mPOS parking devices

Mobile point of sale card present transactions. Directly into your merchant account without large bulky devices. We use low-cost yet durable bluetooth card readers that connect to your attendant's mobile device, meaning you should never miss a card present payment again.

Perfect for those who are used to using square for parking payments.

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