Pay by space options

Pay-By-Space parking

Responding to challenges of the Covid19 pandemic, this new feature allows parking operators to take touchless and contactless payments at self parking locations via Text or QR code. This simple platform replaces attendants, gates and filthy pay machines, adding more revenue to your bottom line.

Text or scan at the location

Text or scan at the location Simple signage at the location displays 2 contactless methods to pay for parking. SMS or QR Code scan.

Pay for parking

Pay for parking via credit card and digital wallet. The payment is sent directly to your bank account. Payments are processed with your merchant and your money never flows through Oobeo.

Next day revenue payouts

No waiting for your money or risking that a provider becomes insolvent holding your cash.

Enter license plate & select duration

The user receives a link and enters their license plate and selects the duration they wish to park for.


No additional fees or limitations for validations. Have as many validators as you wish and issue custom one time codes or automatically generated daily codes.

Your branding

These are your customers, as we show your brand not ours. We provide you the tools to give better experiences to your customers and more revenue to you.

Fast, inexpensive and above all….safe

No need to touch machines, exchange cash or card with an attendant anymore. Let your customers pay for their parking right from their own phone and even while sitting in their vehicle. enter validations or extend their parking from their mobile phones. They can also enter any validations you may have handed out or even extend from within the venue.


See Pay-By-Space for yourself.

Simply follow the onsite instructions and see how easy and safe, contactless payments are.
Credit card is in test mode so you wont be charged!

Flexible rate building

Build hourly, daily and even more detailed rates. Charge convenience fees that work for you and you keep the money.

Pay by space questions?

Not all mobile payment solutions are the same!

Can Oobeo self park work with designated spaces?

Yes, Oobeo is perfect for pay-by-space parking with an optional feature to make space mandatory. You can also rename the field!

Do you support features for municipalities?

Yes, including the ability to prevent returning parkers within a certain time period.

Are there any setup fees?

No, none…ZIP! We’ll even provide the signage for FREE. You can be up and running within 24 hours.

What about validations?

We have a world class validation system, validations can be entered by the Parker or on their behalf by the tenant on a dedicated interface. We support percentage based, value based and hidden rate validations.

What about reporting?

Reporting is a breeze and done through your Oobeo reporting dashboard. All parkers can give feedback on their sessions, increasing your visibility on lot performance. 

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