Cloud based monthly parking passes and enforcement

Manage all of your property tenants, their passes and visitors in a single platform.

Flexible, configurable and cost-effective

Oobeo monthly passes allow you to easily reflect the per-square-foot parking lease terms, providing your tenants with self management of passes and transients within their own private cloud portal.

Next day revenue payouts

Easily collect parking fees directly from the tenant or pass the responsibility on to the pass holder through mobile payments, the control is yours!

Real-time view

Achieve a real-time view of pass-holder and guest vehicles on your property. Easily track and manage usage and trends with powerful tools.


An easy-to-use, dedicated enforcement view allows your parking enforcement contractors the power to monitor locations quickly and effectively.


parking enforcement app

Benefits at a glance

Fully featured and easy to use

Reduced administrative burden

Your tenants manage their permits, Oobeo handles billing, payments and reporting. No more reconciliation or spreadsheets!

Operate gateless

Operate without expensive gate
arms or physical barriers.

Tighter enforcement controls

Your enforcement contractor will love having all of your authorized vehicles in a single list, in real time.  

Increased compliance

Increased compliance leading to
increased income

Customers are lovin’ it

"You guys really thought through the valet and guest experience when building this and it shows."

“I didn't realize I was paying nearly 5% in fees for my old parking app”

“So easy to get setup and support is fantastic.”

“With Oobeo I don't have to wait a week for my money.”

“Put your money into this company now.”

Join our monthly permit beta now and start saving

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