Oobeo monthly passes allow you to easily reflect the per-square-foot parking lease terms, providing your tenants with self management of passes and transients within their own private cloud portal.

Real-time view

Achieve a real-time view of monthly permit holders and guest vehicles on your property. Easily track and manage usage and trends with powerful tools.

Can I maintain a single white list?

Yes! Your enforcement contractor will love having all of your authorized vehicles in a single list, in real time.  

Can I still use permit passes?

Yes! Digital permits can still be used in conjunction with physical passes, however in most cases license plate access control is less effort and more reliable.

Can I set a different convenience fees for permits?

Yes you can handle dynamic permit convenience fees, you can use either a fixed convenience fee,  a percentage or you can select it to apply whichever is larger.

Can I use LPR for access control of my permit holders?

Yes indeed! Our LPR integrations work with surface lots and garages. 

Does the system send permit holders a reminder to pay?

Yes! The system automatically chases outstanding permit invoices.

Can I send customized communications to my permit holders?

Yes! You can create your own custom messages or edit the standard messaging sent to permit holders and tenants.

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