Mobile wayfinding

Oobeo Wayfinding is a low-cost digital wayfinding system for helping people find their way in complex locations such as urban centers, healthcare and educational campuses and transportation facilities.

A flexible solution

SMS Wayfinding is incredibly flexible, you can quickly change directions in real time, either based on feedback collected in the system or as your location changes & grows due to department relocation or construction works.


Low cost & effective

Thanks to our mobile way finding solution not requiring guests to download an app, they will find directions faster and more efficiently.  Low entry cost means it can be effective even when used alongside other wayfinding solutions.


No download required

No need for people to download an app or struggling with instructions for older folks. 

No wifi or 4G connection needed

Works in the lowest of connectivity environments, even in areas with low cell service.

Improve patient satisfaction

Taking inspiration 

Connect to parking valets



Kiosk tablet interface — works on any Android or iOS device

  1. Select a destination

    Our wayfinding solution knows your location, and can instantly text SMS directions to your chosen destination directly to your mobile phone.

  2. Follow the directions

    No chance of forgetting the directions, they are right on your phone!

  3. Rate the directions and help improve the system

    People can rate the directions they receive and leave a comment on how to improve the system even further!

  • Easy to use

    Inexpensive and easy to use for both younger and older guests, mobile Wayfinding is an intuitive solution to the problem of patients or guests finding their way around your campus, building or hospital.

    Simply have directions sent directly to peoples phones, from their location to their destination instantly!

  • Tablet kiosk

    Simply setup a tablet kiosk at desks or entrances, patients can enter their phone number and get step-by-step directions to their department right on their phone!

  • Valet integrated

    Valet’s using Oobeo Valet can also send directions directly to peoples phones when greeting guests from a simple drop down within their valet app.

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